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Our Sustainable Path

“Each time we travel, use local transport at a destination or buy products from a local market we are contributing to a long value chain that creates jobs, provides livelihoods, empowers local communities, and ultimately brings in new opportunities for a better future.”

(UNWTO Secretary-General Taleb Rifai, 2014)

We believe tourism has the power to transform lives and minds, join us on this journey to achieve a better world. We’re operating under the belief that travel is an exchange, and our planet is the stage, therefore it’s crucial to establish a balance between what we take away and what we give back in travels.

Traveling with us you can do more than you think. Here is part of our contribution.

Adventure Travel Conservation Fund (ATCF)

As a  member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), we’re committed to values that drive a necessary movement to change travel so that it benefits the businesses, the people, and the environment of the places we travel. With this in mind, we are also a member of the ATCF. This membership is not only because the tourism industry is highly dependent on the conservation of the world’s natural resources, and the socioeconomic stability of local communities, but also because we care about our planet, our home.
Adventure Travel Conservation Fund

Azores Hike Local

We’re devoted to respecting the rights, history, and culture of local people while ensuring that tourism supports their well-being. Everywhere we go, we try to opt for local businesses and services whenever we can. We like to buy local and sustainable (not mass produced or wildlife) products to keep things local on our trips. Working and supporting local entrepreneurs and small businesses strengthens communities and raises the overall quality of life. Madeira Hike is also engaged with plastic reducing consumption on trips and at the back office. For this goal, we are using reusable water bottles and reusable dishes.

Be informed, Buy Informed

We are engaged with it because “it is critical that the travel industry takes an active role in helping to maintain natural wildlife and ecosystems. This includes educating travelers about Wildlife traffic, especially as it relates to making smart purchasing choices that don’t harm endangered populations. This is a big task, but an essential one, in order to save the world’s most iconic species and safeguard the opportunity for future generations to enjoy and appreciate them as well.”
(ATTA, 2017).

Seeds Of Joy logo

Seeds of Joy

Like a small seed, with this project, we intend to sow and grow some dreams in the places that are usually our tourist destinations. From handing out notebooks to a small school or playing games with children from an inhospitable territory, we seek the support of our friends, customers, and fans to achieve these goals. So, if you have any idea of any “seed” we can sow, tell us and we can see it grow together. You are part of this!

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