We use a simple grading system to give you an idea of what kind of hotel you will staying in each tour.

The grading system begins with Comfort, accommodations in rural tourism or 3 star hotels with a good quality service, and goes up to Deluxe, 5 star hotels where you can relax and enjoy fantastic pools, spas and exquisite service.

Confort Azores Hike

Accommodation in Rural Tourism or 3 star hotels with a good quality service, high comfort and a personalized atmosphere, which will provide a pleasant stay and a good rest.

Accommodations with a sweet family vibe and very welcoming service, which will make you feel cherished and warm. The food is usually very typical and delicious.

Accommodations with a boutique feeling and a beautiful design, where you will want to take some pictures. Usually eco-friendly oriented, with innovative decors and menus.

Superior Azores Hike

Accommodation in Rural Tourism or Classic / Charming 4 star hotels, which have a special atmosphere and a cozy design, with a superior level of service and a fantastic comfort that will let you relax and prepare for the next stage of the tour.

Historical Azores Hike

Accommodation in historic hotels, like ancient convents, castles or museum hotels, with privileged location in historical centers, surrounded by beautiful gardens and important monuments. In these hotels you will have the quality of service of a 5 star hotel and the experience of feeling the history with the comfort of modern times.

Deluxe Azores Hike

Accommodation in 5 star hotels is an unique and memorable experience where you will be amazed by luxury, comfort and attention to detail. You can relax in an idyllic setting with stunning scenery and enjoy the fantastic pools, spas and exquisite service, that will offer you a memorable stay.